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At present, no appointment is necessary as healthcare is on-demand these days. With the virtual system, you can see the healthcare provider in no time.

We’re more than just urgent care.

We offer more than just urgent care. We aim for greatness.

WUCFC has been in the healthcare industry for the past 20 years, providing the community with good high-quality healthcare services. As a family-owned practice, we started our venture at humble beginnings in Wilmington, Connecticut, and we are now industry leaders in independent urgent care solutions. Our clinics are spread across San Pedro, Long Beach, Torrance, Lomita, Carson, and Wilmington in-person, in almost 200 locations. Through our online telemedicine service, we have treated 7+ million patients.


Besides offering a wide range of Urgent Care services, WUCFC also supports all-sized businesses through Occupational Health Services, and family Medicine clinics in Connecticut are among our expanding network. Our simple idea, called Compassionate Hospitality, plays an integral part in our service philosophy. This simply means treating our parents the same way we treat guests at our homes, with special empathy, thoughtfulness, and understanding because many of them are in pain or are not feeling well.

What distinguishes our health care services from the rest and makes us industry leaders is the dedication that allows us to go above and beyond to administer exceptional high-quality health care services. Our commitment is to ensure that our patients receive more convenient, connected, and affordable health care services as families, communities, and individuals.

We know that our patients deserve more healthcare options; that is why we emphasize exceeding our expectations by providing high-quality medical care whenever you need it and wherever you are.

Our Mission Img

Our Mission

To offer our patients high quality, accessible, affordable, and compassionate end-to-end medical care experience.

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Our Values

Our values are essential in providing high-quality health care services that reflect our undying passion and dedication to deliver the promise of Compassionate Hospitality at the WUCFC family.

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Our ultimate calling is to provide superior health care service that is measurable to our patients, giving them the much-needed support in their times of need.

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Knowing that achieving our collective and personal goals depends largely on our engagement with other stakeholders, we choose to maintain a good relationship with our partners.

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We keep the highest level of personal and collective responsibilities by taking full ownership of our work, doing it in the best way possible.

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We accept our drawbacks as we make all efforts to improve ourselves as individuals and as a company.


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