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General Practitioner

The first person you need to contact when you get sick or injured is your general practitioner. In case you also have pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, a general practitioner will also address these health issues and concerns.

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What Is a General Practitioner?

A general practitioner (GP), who is also known as a generalist, is a medical expert who offers routine preventative health care services. They differ from doctors who specialize in one medical field. For example, obstetrician, pediatrician, cardiologist, or dermatologist. Compared to a doctor, a GP caters to your all health care needs – both mental and physical. Their main purpose is to help avoid or prevent sickness and keep you out of the hospital. They cover diverse fields in the healthcare system.

What Does a General Practitioner Do?

A general practitioner examines and treats any common sickness or injury. If the sickness or injury requires a medical specialist for urgent treatment, the GP doctor will refer the patient to other medical services or hospitals. GPs offer overall health care to patients, including social, psychological, and physical aspects of health. They are the first point of contact if you have any mental or physical health problems. A general practice doctor can offer health care services to anyone including newborns and senior citizens.

Some of the duties that a GP doctor does include reviewing your medical history and assessing physical health. Once medical tests are done and the root cause of your health issues is known, a GP doctor may order more tests, suggest ideal treatment, or connect you to a specialist doctor. They also offer health care services through video or phone calls. In emergencies, a general practitioner can save lives by giving first aid or critical treatments while waiting for emergency services to arrive at the scene.

Pharmacists, nurses, psychiatrists form a larger team of general practitioners. They work to ensure that your health is cared for. GPs play a major role in giving health education and preventive care. They perform duties such as:

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  • Carrying out a routine examination
  • Immunization
  • Follow-up care
  • Chronic illness care

The Role of a General Practitioner

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Diagnosing Illnesses & Routine Check-Ups

Any sign of underlying health issues can be detected early through regular health check-up. The chances of treating the sickness in the right way are increased once the health issue is known early enough. The number of health check-ups you need to go for depends on a few factors, like your general health, age, lifestyle choices, family health history, and more. When you want to know the cause of your health issues or address any health concerns, your first point of contact should be a general practitioner. What puts general practitioners in a better position to offer proper health care is their nature of practice and the unique training they possess. This also allows GPs to have long-term relationships with patients.
With their broad health care skills and experience of how to handle new patients, they are in a better position to cater to all sorts of health issues that emerge.

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Issuing Referrals for Specialists

Part of their roles is to diagnose illness & do routine check-ups. They also consult with patients to address health concerns and prescribe medication. GPs are also first health care experts a patient contacts if there the condition is severe or if the patient requires special treatment. This is crucial before taking any further advanced health care actions. That is why many specialist doctors ask for referrals from general practitioners before treating patients. Sometimes, specialists may need to refer patients to other specialists. Such cases also rewire a general GPs referral.

What to Expect from
your General Practitioner

session with a GP usually lasts for about 10 to 30 minutes. This will depend on your medical condition, this is what a GP doctor will do:

  • Observe and access your overall health
  • Ask you about the symptoms and medical history
  • Perform diagnostic examination
  • Come up with a treatment plan
  • Give you advice about the changes in your lifestyle
  • Explain to you what is going on in your body and the suggested treatments
  • Prescribe medication
  • Arrange for a follow-up appointment or refer you to a specialist

Services Offered by a General Practitioner

A doctor who is qualified in general medical practice is called a general practitioner or GP in short. A GP is the first point of contact for anyone – old or young – with any medical condition. This kind of profession allows the doctor to diagnose various health problems and suggest proper treatments. A GP may also choose to pursue further education in either men’s or female health, pediatrics or sports medicine.

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School Physicals

Before entering any public school system, a physical examination is done on every child. A physical examination is also necessary when students are just about to do their annual medical examination. This helps to prevent the spread of serious diseases because it ensures that children are up to date with their vaccinations. Different states will have different school physical requirements. However, the end goal in all of them is always the same. In California, the law states that before a child is enrolled in any school or has just transferred to a new school, he or she must be immunized or show proof of immunization.

You should also understand that a school physical is not done in the same way as a sports physical. A sports physical is used to determine whether one has any pre-existing medical condition or injury that can be aggravated when he or she participates in sports. Although sports physicals are conducted voluntarily, they are necessary if a child wants to participate in organized sports at school. What GPs typically focus on when carrying out a sports physical assessment is the child’s weight, height, hearing, vision, heart rate & blood pressure. These tests are also done to ensure that all health vitals are functioning normally

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Pre-Employment Clearance

As a pre-employment clearance, employers from labor-intensive industries demand that medical examinations are necessary for prospective employees. These include miners, constructors, government officials, firefighters, or law enforcement officers. Basic checkups and physical health examinations are done as part of pre-employment clearance to ensure that the employee is healthy enough to handle the duties required in that particular field. Wilmington urgent care clinics offer exemplary pre-employment health assessments.

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Pre-Operative Clearance

In conjunction with specialist referral requirements, Wilmington urgent care clinic also helps to evaluate patients who want to be cleared for surgery. These are called preoperative evaluations and are done to find out the patient’s risk factors before undergoing surgery. This helps to inform the surgeon what to expect on the operating table in case there is the likelihood of infectious or cardiac complications.

Given the importance of the preoperative consultation information to anesthesiologists and surgeons, it should not be conducted at the last minute. If you choose to seek pre-operative clearance from Wilmington urgent care clinic, you will be served on a walk-in basis with little or no waiting time.

General Practitioners Qualities

There are certain qualities that a general practitioner should have in order to perform his or her duties effectively. These qualities include:

  • A GP should possess the ability and heart to care for the patient, family members, or relatives.
  • Should know where to draw the line when performing his or her duties in terms of responsibilities and limitations .
  • Know when a medical concern or condition requires help from other medical professionals or specialists .
  • Look for newer treatments options and staying up-to-date with the latest treatment trends .
  • Committed to learning more and expand the knowledge so that the patients may get better healthcare .
  • Be competent in the clinical field
  • Pay attention to details and stay well organized
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General Practitioner Cost

Various factors determine the cost of seeing a general practitioner. One of them is whether a GP is vocationally registered (VR) or not. The type of treatment suggested by the GP can also impact the general practitioner cost. Compared to non-VR GPs, VR GPs are entitled to higher (A1) Medicare rebates. General practitioners who have not vocationally registered are eligible for A2 Medicare rebates only. It is always good to find out in advance the cost of general practitioner services before attending the clinic.

What Does a General Practitioner Do?

he working model of many general practitioners involves single private practices with a few medical staff and nurses who offer assistance. A GP can also work in walk-in clinics, hospitals, and other medical institutions. To get quick health services from general practitioners without insurance or appointments, check out these convenient Wilmington urgent clinic locations:

If you require urgent medical attention like diagnostic testing, routine check-up, or general health examination, visit WUC’s walk-in clinics. All our general practitioners are friendly, experienced, and seven days a week from 9 am to 7 pm every weekday. At Wilmington urgent clinics you will receive quick medical attention without queuing or paying expensive health care costs. GPs from WUC can prescribe medications and also perform x-rays. Medications are easily accessible in-house. You can count on Wilmington urgent care clinics for all your medical needs. To find the closest walk-in clinic visit us today!

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Why visit a Wilmington Urgent
Clinic for General Practitioner?

An urgent care clinic is an ideal choice when looking for quick medical attention because it offers medical treatment in time-sensitive health care situations. It is better than an emergency room that only deals with emergency situations. They only cater to medical situations that are life-threatening. An urgent family clinic offers convenience for patients that can't access their care offers in time, especially during urgent care situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A doctor who has done and finished a residency in family medicine is called a family practitioner or a family doctor. Primary care physicians are often called family practice physicians or general practitioners. Their work is to address almost any health issues for all patients.

lthough these are medical professionals who do the same health care duties, there are several differences that distinguish them. Medical doctors specialize in one field of medicine and deal with serious issues in particular fields. General practitioners only deal with minor overall health issues.

To qualify as a general practitioner, you will need to complete a 5-year degree in medicine that is recognized by the General Medical Council. You will also need to complete a 2-year foundation course of general training and train for 3 years for a general practice specialist course

Nurses and doctors perform many similar duties. However, there are also several distinctions between them. One major difference between doctors and nurses is the time spent on training. A registered nurse has less training than a NPS. Doctors are trained more than both of them. Their licenses are also issued differently.

Currently, general practitioners can perform minor surgery successfully. There is a list of minor operations that the government has introduced and allowed general practitioners to perform at limited fees. We are yet to see if it will expand this service.

If you want to become a general practitioner, then be prepared to study for 12 years. A GP is also known as a medical doctor or a physician. In the United States, this profession takes the longest educational paths compared to others.

Internists are not the same as general practitioners even though sometimes act as primary care physicians. A general physician is trained to handle health care issues for patients of all ages. They can be surgeons, obstetricians, or pediatricians.

About Wilmington Urgent Clinic

Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic is an advanced medical clinic based in Wilmington City, California. The clinic was created to cater to all kinds of patients facing all kinds of health concerns. We don’t just focus on treating and discharging patients, but we also do it in a compassionate and understanding manner. All patients who seek health care services at Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic feel relaxed and cared for. We always ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible.

We have eliminated the long waiting hours that are associated with hospital emergency rooms by extending our services for hours. Wilmington Urgent Family Clinic offers its health care services walk-in basis allowing doctors to cater to all sorts of injuries and illnesses compassionately and immediately. Our health care services include complete x-ray to area residents, which is an affordable alternative hospital emergency room that can be quite expensive.


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