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Urgent Care

Back in time, hospitals used to be the only local institutions looking after such a large community. Things were easy for them because they lived there and were close to the neighborhood people. But now, you can easily visit the urgent care clinic to fix any stitches or sprains as they give you immediate and affordable service. Many things have changed now. Visiting hospital emergency rooms is not a viable option as they have turned hectic and are also overburdened with urgent cases. Instead of that, it would be better if you turn to a modern-day urgent care clinic as they’ll make you wait less and do the required look after.

What is an Urgent Care Clinic?

Urgent care clinic is where you can look to achieve quality
healthcare, especially when your physician’s offices are closed.

All your medical emergencies will receive the utmost care even on the holidays at Wilmington urgent care.
The doctors at Wilmington, urgent care clinic are medically skilled and committed to your look after.

Urgent and primarycare services Img

Urgent and primary care services

Same day appointment Img

Same day appointment

Vaccinations Img


IV hydration Img

IV hydration

Free Pregnancy Test Img

Free Pregnancy Test

What type of services are
provided at urgent care?

A wide array of medical services are given to you at Urgent care clinics. In addition to this, they are skilled and proficient enough to treat many health conditions. These services can range from vaccinations, diagnostics to lab tests. Besides this, the significant services offered by urgent care are non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. Let's figure out the services provided by the urgent care clinic to its patients.

The services at urgent care include:

  • Burns and injuries
  • Pediatric care which includes 2 years or more
  • School or camp physicals of ear, nose, and throat disorders
  • Sprains and strains
  • Rashes or skin irritation
  • Ear infections
  • Asthma
  • Animal bites
  • Non-life-threatening allergic reactions
  • Fever or flu
  • Broken bones

Let us now discover each of the
services in greater depth.

Minor burns and injuries img

Minor burns and injuries

Wilmington urgent care clinic, strives to fix your medical conditions requiring prompt attention but poses no risk to life. Usually, the minor injuries that urgent care Los Angeles centers treat include the minor injuries such as fractures and cuts. Those individuals that have severe burns have no other option than to go to the emergency rooms as minor burns get easily treated in no time at Wilmington urgent care clinic. While treating, doctors at WUC use the antibiotic cream and clean the burn to prevent infection.

Sprains and strains img

Sprains and strains

There is not much difference in sprains and strains as both have similar signs and symptoms. Still, there is some minute difference between the two. Consequently, if you are looking for a clinic to treat sprains and strains, then Wilmington urgent care clinic should be your go-to option as it is fast and offers professional medical treatment. Compared to hospital emergency rooms which make you wait for hours, we cater to our patients in less than an hour. We have highly skilled, professional, licensed doctors and nurses who can effectively handle testing and treat your sprains and strains.

Pediatric care img

Pediatric care

Children of 2 years or older have high chances of being prone to illnesses and injuries. Such a child needs to be seen by a pediatrician. No need to ponder as Wilmington urgent care in Los Angeles is there to do the needful. The treatment rooms are designed by keeping the kids' psyche in mind. Not only kids, but you can also have your entire family treated at Wilmington urgent care family clinic as we have the provision of X-rays, lab testing, and pharmacy. All the staff at Wilmington have years of experience in dealing with pediatric patients. All our doctors are familiar with the child's concerns and ensure to address them with gentle care.

Rashes or skin irritations img

Rashes or skin irritations

There are a variety of factors due to which people are prone to rashes. Usually, rashes are minor ones only, but some rashes can lead to severe infections in the future if left untreated. Consequently, it would be better to get timely medical care for it, and you can seek its effective and timely treatment at Wilmington urgent car

Ear infections img

Ear infections

Children below five years are more liable to develop earaches and infections. But there are some adults also who complain of ear infections. There can be varied causes of the same. Due to the comprehensive nature of the disease, many cases are coming to the

Acute care of childhood and adult illnesses and injuries img

Acute care of childhood and adult illnesses and injuries

If anyone is suffering from severe illnesses or conditions resulting from some trauma or disease, then such a person can resort to Wilmington urgent care services. Fast recovery after surgery is ensured over here.

Fever or flu img

Fever or flu

A sore throat, running nose, and congestion lead you to develop a cold and cough. The symptoms of cold and flu appeal similar at first, but the flu tends to get more severe as time goes by. You can easily contrast between the two by checking your temperature. Understand that it is flu and not cold if you have a fever. You can look forward to urgent care if you have persistent fever, coughing, painful swallowing, or headaches. No need to hesitate if the symptoms seem severe and simply approach Wilmington urgent care clinic.

Mild Asthma img

Mild Asthma

It is usual for people to have asthma in conditions like cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Both children and adults are equally liable to asthma. It can strike you at any age, and its symptoms range from mild to severe ones. If you are suspecting or doubtful of having a condition of asthma, then get an evaluation done at Wilmington urgent care clinic at the earliest.

Animal bites img

Animal bites

Usually, animal bites take place on the face, legs, arms, and hands. There can be an animal bite on your buttocks also if you are an athlete. One should take great care of themselves and children when one is in close contact with the animals. The frequent victims of animal bites are school aged children. If you want to know in-depth about animal bites, book your consultation with one of our physicians at the Wilmington urgent care clinic.

Broken bones img

Broken bones

Be it fractures or broken bones, both are equally severe and demand immediate medical attention. You can reach the urgent care clinic to treat bones and fractures, but the treatment will differ depending upon the severity. It is because some bone injuries are over in some time only while others may demand surgery. You can get the evaluation and much sought-after treatment at Wilmington urgent care clinic.

Allergic reactions img

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions can be scary, life-threatening, and annoying at the same time. There is not even a single person who terms an allergic reaction as a pleasant experience. But no worries, as the board-certified physicians at Wilmington urgent care clinic are well equipped to treat nearly any sort of allergic reaction.

School physicals of ear, nose, and throat disorders img

School physicals of ear, nose, and throat disorders

These days the majority of schools require physical examinations to determine if your child is physically fit to participate in an activity or not. Your child's overall health is assessed during the physical examination so that if there are some symptoms of illness, it comes to the notice of the doctors at duty. Besides this, you can also look forward to conditions such as diabetes and eating disorders to be treated at Wilmington urgent care clinic.

Wilmington Urgent Clinic Difference

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Why visit Wilmington Urgent Clinic
for Urgent Care ?

Many people prefer visiting the local hospital's emergency room to treat themselves. But, they are hardly aware that it will be more beneficial if they turn to an urgent care center to fulfill their medical needs. Usually, all medical conditions that require time-sensitive care are dealt with by the medical professionals at an urgent care center. You can use the emergency room for life-threatening conditions but not for treating other ones.

If you cannot reach out to your primary care provider on time, then feel free to visit the local urgent family clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The conditions treated at an urgent care include the following:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma
  • Animal bites, bugs, cuts, and burns
  • Sprains, strains, and broken bones
  • Cold, cough, and flu
  • Eye and ear infections

Both are walk in clinics but are specially designed for after-hours ambulatory care. All the patients will be attended on the principle of a first-come, first-serve basis. Our Urgent care clinics have more expertise in treating non-life-threatening illnesses and diseases as compared to the other ones.

The majority of health insurance plans cover urgent care visits. If you have an insurance plan, then there are chances that the payments can be lowered. The application of health insurance plans to the emergency room is somewhat different from urgent care clinics. For instance, we mean that the payment amount can be the same for a doctor's visit and the one made to the urgent care clinic.

All the medications, antibiotics, and similar things are easily available from urgent care facilities irrespective of whether you are dealing with the nurse or a medical practitioner. Whatever will be in their hands, they will do it for sure, keeping your health and safety in mind.

It is the right time to decide between urgent care or primary care. You can use urgent care in addition to primary care but not as a replacement.

The main difference between urgent care and emergency rooms is the severity of your condition. It's highly recommended to go to an emergency room if the condition is life-threatening. But contrary to it, if it is a minor illness or an injury, you can visit the urgent care and avail their services.

An emergency department is only meant for treating life-threatening diseases of people of all ages. But urgent care serves as a middle ground between your primary care provider and emergency department. Urgent care is the way to go if you have a minor illness or injury.

Uninsured patients may have to pay extra for each additional service to the primary care physician. But this is not the thing with urgent care as it is less expensive than others.

The answer is yes, as they charge 40% less than what urgent care charges from its patients.

Many people have this question in mind- whether they need to make an appointment to visit or not? For this, there is no hard and fast rule as you can walk into the clinic without having a prior appointment. But this tends to differ depending upon the location. Consequently you can easily get walk in treatment here.

About Wilmington Urgent Clinic

Wilmington urgent family clinic is regarded as the most advanced clinic in the city of Wilmington, California. The clinic is solely designed for the patients by keeping in mind their unique needs. The experts at our clinic do not confine themselves to treating medical issues only but do so in an understanding way. Our sole aim is to make the patients feel loved and cared for while they are at our clinic. They also strive to make your experience worthwhile.

You have the provision of having the Wilmington urgent family clinic services for extended hours so that patients don't have to wait for long hours. Walk-ins are welcomed over here, and experts are highly proficient in treating any number of illnesses and injuries at one time. For the area residents, we have complete X-ray services as an alternative to expensive emergency rooms.


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